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Welcome to the price transmission page for China. This page enables you to look into the country and its crops more specifically to gain an understanding of the level of risk and also, to view its historic warning periods per commodity. Select a time range or a specific date to view the data in more detail.


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Background information

During the last four decades the fourth biggest world country experienced a transition from a centrally planned system to a more market-oriented one, which now covers a central role in the global economy. Despite its stunning economic growth, which has recently slightly slowed down, China faces some major problems, namely a rapidly ageing population, severe air and water pollution and a disproportional population concentration in coastal and metropolitan areas.

Due to the abundant availability of natural resources and workforce, China is both the world leader in gross value of industrial and agricultural output. The main crops produced are rice, wheat, potatoes, corn, peanuts and tea. However, due to erosion and economic development the arable land at disposal is steadily decreasing.

The biggest Asian economy scored 0.727 on the HDI (2014) ranking among countries with a high level of human development. Nevertheless, many issues still have to be overcome as displayed by the fact that about six percent of the overall population is living below the poverty line and it is estimated that 12.7 million children are stunted. On the other hand, the level of undernourishment reduced from 23.9 % in 1990-92 to 9.3 % in 2014-16.