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Hong Kong

Welcome to the price transmission page for Hong Kong. This page enables you to look into the country and its crops more specifically to gain an understanding of the level of risk and also, to view its historic warning periods per commodity. Select a time range or a specific date to view the data in more detail.

Hong Kong SAR of China

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Background information

Hong Kong can be characterized by free market economy. The Special Administration of China is highly dependent on both international trade and finance. Indeed, trade even further encouraged as there are no tariffs, quotas or dumping laws on imported goods. Its currency has been closely pegged to the US Dollar since 1983.

The agricultural sector is significantly small, only 5% of the total land is cultivated producing fresh vegetables and fruit; the sector as a whole contributes to 0.1% of the total GDP.

With a score of 0.910, the previous English colony ranked among countries displaying a very high level of human development on the HDI (2014). The country is however characterized by heavy disparities, in fact while exhibiting one of the highest GDP per capita worldwide and an unemployment rate averaging around 3%, roughly one-fifth of the population lives below the national poverty line.