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South Africa

Welcome to the price transmission page for South Africa. This page enables you to look into the country and its crops more specifically to gain an understanding of the level of risk and also, to view its historic warning periods per commodity. Select a time range or a specific date to view the data in more detail.

South Africa

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Background information

Africa’s second largest economy has an abundant supply of natural resources such as coal, iron ore, rare earth elements, diamonds and natural gas. The upper middle-income country is moreover the world's largest producer of platinum, gold and chromium. The key industries are manufacturing and food processing. Contrasting an overall well-developed transportation structure is an unstable electricity supply, ultimately hindering growth.

The agricultural sector plays only a minor role in South Africa, contributing to less than 3% of GDP and employing roughly 5% of the labor force. Most of the land area is used as grassland for livestock such as beef, poultry or mutton. One tenth of the land area is used as arable land for corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables. Occasional prolonged droughts threaten production. Only a minor share of the demand for cereals needs to be imported.

In terms of socioeconomic indicators, South Africa faces major challenges. Labor supply with 25% of unemployment contrasts a skill shortage in labor supply. An estimated third of the South African population is living below the poverty line. The medium human development country is the fourth most unequal society worldwide, where especially rural areas lack access to basic services. Moreover, South Africa has one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates worldwide. Through a combination of own production and food imports, the country has been able to boost domestic food supply, but still every fifth child below the age of five is stunted.