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Food Monitor is an early warning system that tracks global food price and supply risks which could potentially lead to food insecurity. 

The causes of food insecurity are complex and multi-dimensional. After decades of low agricultural commodity prices, the 2007/08 food price crisis witnessed extreme price spikes on global markets, which had devastating consequences for developing countries. Food Monitor was established to warn about global food price and supply risks at the early stages of development. We monitor key staple commodities and their extreme price movements on global food markets, fulfilling a crucial gap that is missing in other early warning systems.

We use a simple traffic light system for each of our four indicators to warn about the current levels of risk associated with global food prices and supply.

Local Indicators

Price Transmission

?Measures how international price movements are transmitted to local markets. It indicates in which countries we expect prices to rise if global prices rise.More Information

Number of countries

Date: 08/10/2020

Food Security News Hotspots

?Indicates the relative intensity of news related to agricultural markets and food security.More Information

Number of countries

Date: 11/10/2018

Global Indicators

Global Supply

?Assesses whether forecasted production is sufficient to meet forecasted demand.More Information
Date: 21/01/2021

Excessive Price Volatility

?Shows extreme changes in price development at international commodity exchanges.More Information
Date: 06/11/2020

Current global food price movements impacting local markets

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How we warn about global food price and supply risks...

All four of the indicators used by Food Monitor focus on global food price and supply risks that could impact food security. Two of these indicators monitor at the local level and the other two indicators monitor at the global level. Our innovative Price Transmission indicator monitors 83 countries and tracks global food price movements that could impact on local markets. The Food Security News Hotspots reflects media activity related to global and regional price developments and food security, using the assumption that more news coverage means a more problematic situation. The Global Supply indicator analyses both sides of the food equation by assessing whether the forecasted production (production and storage) is sufficient in meeting the forecasted demand (population and levels of income). The Excessive Price Volatility indicator provides information on price fluctuations at international exchange markets, which is important as evidence suggests that price increases and volatility transmits to local markets.

The Food Monitor warnings provide close to real-time assessments on risks that could have the potential to impact upon food security. To learn more about our indicators and how to interpret the warnings, please visit our indicator pages. All warnings are immediately updated on this website and also published on Twitter automatically. Follow us @_foodmonitor to ensure you never miss any of the warnings.

How can Food Monitor track global food price and supply risks?

Joachim von Braun, Maximo Torero and others explain the key information in this short video: